at the moment, sasha is asleep and my husband has gone somewhere with hiro. it is quiet, and i cannot express in words how awesome that is. *sigh* earlier today i asked yoshi if he had tomorrow off (japanese holiday: respect for the aged day) and he said he did. a couple of hours later, though, when hiro and sasha were fighting over yogurt, yoshi declared loudly, 'i have to work tomorrow!' ah, how nice is that? i would almost love to have a job again. granted, my options are fairly limited, but oh, to be able to get away from the kids for a few hours. and to have some extra money. yeah, go ahead darling, go to work tomorrow.

yesterday i had an appointment at my clinic. 33w6d and everything is fine. well, except for the small amount of protein in my urine. no swelling and my blood pressure is fine, but it is significant enough for my doctor to mention it--and to tell me to avoid salt. i feel great though, and the baby moves a lot. i just get so tired, so easily. and it's been extra hot these past two days, no doubt caused by the typhoon (which thankfully passed to the west of us, though korea may not be too happy about it.) after my appointment, i went to the kashii higashihama aeon, but before too long i missed my kids and went home. but...the noise and slight resentment from yoshi made me wish i took a few more minutes to myself....we are young, and we are learning.

i really wanted to go to a park with yoshi and the kids this weekend. hiro, sasha and i went to hibiki green park (check flickr for pictures) and it was nice, but i got exhausted and having one more adult with us would have made it more fun. by the time we were near the toddler-friendly playground, i just couldn't help hiro (or sasha) play. only six more weeks until my due date.