zonked out

with her first birthday out of the way, we had to take sasha to the children's hospital in fukuoka city to check her heart. it's actually less than a year, but because of the two three-day-weekends this month, and september 10 already booked up a year in advance, we had our appointment on september 3. they didn't even remind us, how messed up is that? thankfully i had that date stuck in my mind, even if i couldn't remember the time. i called the hospital about a week before and confirmed the appointment. yoshi was impressed that i remembered.

mid-morning is usually sasha's first nap time. of course, she fell asleep on the way there. unlike hiro, she wakes up when we move her. *sigh* we checked in, got a new hospital card, and then went to the heart department. we handed in sasha's file, and then went off to the 'weighing' station (7.6 kilos, 73 cm tall), went back to the heart department where sasha then had to take a medicine to make her fall asleep. thirty minutes later she was still awake, so she had to take a second (smaller) dose. out like a light (see above). then i took her to the sonogram (ultrasound?) department, put her on a gurney and then waited. and waited. hiro waited with his feet up.

feet up at the hospital

yoshi ate a bento (*sigh* he always eats at the hospital and then says he's not hungry for lunch). yoshi was also a bit anxious because he felt it was a good opportunity for me to renew my driver's license that day, because he had the day off and could watch the kids while i was in a lecture. however, waiting to actually see the doctor to find out the results killed that idea.

everything is fine. the ultrasound (sonogram??) showed no holes, and listening, the doctor told us everything sounded fine. awesome. even if i couldn't renew my license that day.

on the way home, hiro fell asleep in the car. we stopped at royal host for lunch (mainly for me) and yoshi carried hiro into the restaurant. he slept the whole time. sasha was still asleep and stayed in her car seat for lunch. yoshi wanted to wake hiro for lunch, but he never really made it. at the end, he tried some lemon, because he loves to make sour faces.

nap time
yoshi pretending to sleep. hiro is not.

sour face

since yoshi was with me, i decided it was a good idea to take sasha to the pediatrician and get a one year check, and inquire about her vaccinations. her measurements were a bit smaller than the children's hospital's ones, but not by much. she is a little girl. she didn't get any shots, though, because of the medicine she'd had earlier in the day. she woke up just as we got to the clinic, but was a bit groggy, and hyper-active, kind of a weird combination! she did get her shot on thursday though, and is now ready for shots for babies older than one year. lucky her...