so, last week hiro caught a cold. i had given the insurance cards to yoshi, so when hiro developed a fever on thursday i got some cold medicine. it worked pretty well for hiro, but when sasha got sick over the weekend, it didn't work so well for her. poor little girl got an ear infection, too. she couldn't sleep well saturday or sunday night. and tomo is moving into a growth spurt so he is hungry all the time. last night sasha would wake up crying, wake tomo and he would start crying. it was difficult. since yoshi had to work this morning, he went upstairs to sleep. i don't think i got more than three hours of sleep last night. i would fall asleep and then tomo would cry. after nursing, changing and getting him back to sleep, i would lay down, only to be awakened by sasha. when yoshi got up at five this morning, i made him take tomoyuki. and when sasha woke up crying, yoshi took her, too. i tried to sleep until yoshi had to leave, and i got up at nearly 7:30, but i am so tired.