so, it's morning, and even though i kept waking up last night (to feed tomo) and i slept on the floor (because tomo was in the bouncer), my brain is a bit fresher than it will be later on today. so, a couple of things:

1. i bought over-the-counter cold medicine for hiro last thursday. yesterday sasha had a fever of 38.9 so i don't think that medicine did much for his fever last week, but it did work well for his cough and runny nose. however, it didn't do much for sasha over the weekend.

2. i got the old insurance cards back from yoshi on sunday night so i took them to the pediatrician clinic yesterday. we had to wait for about an hour, and we got out of there about an hour and a half after we arrived, but the doctor was so kind and got the pharmacy to bring over the medicine (it's just right next door) and one of the nurses carried tomo out to the car. (wow, having three little ones is hard!!)

3. after dosing the kids they slept a LOT, which is good all around. but after yoshi got home, i didn't go to bed. bad decision. but, i started watching The Amazing Race, i think i found a new show for me to enjoy!!