before my mom came to visit, i asked her to bring some 'light' pajamas for sasha. for most of the summer the kids slept in their diapers, because it's just so darn hot here. but as the weather changed and the nights got cooler, i didn't have anything for sasha to wear. she's a little stove and it didn't bother her much, but i felt bad as a mother. i had some old pajamas that were hiro's, but i wanted at least one pair of pajamas that were pink or said 'princess' or something. so, i asked my mom to get something.

well, mom brought several. it was awesome. we got kitties and ballerinas and cupcakes. pink and purple and teal.

then we went to costco. they had a six pack of kids' sleep-n-play outfits, so we got one for sasha (pink with hearts theme) on one for tomo (blue with sheep theme). but since we had so many new ones from mom, i didn't try to put one on sasha until earlier this week. even though we bought 18 months size, it was far too small. obviously NOT the right size too small. sasha has been eating very well lately and gaining weight, but she wasn't that big! i had already washed the clothes, cut off the tag (they came in a bag) and threw away the receipt. but costco took them back and gave them my money. yoshi may complain about paying a member fee every year, but that member's card proved that i bought the clothes there and got me my money back (um, but this means costco tracks what i buy, doesn't it...that's ok, that just means they'll continue to carry the stuff i like, right?) very pleased with costco.

now, if only they'd start carrying cheerios....