the wonderful and witty montchan tagged me for this. wheeeee! i don't know if i'm gonna be able to do it...

8 things i’m passionate about:

1. my family, especially my children. i don't know what my life would be like without them. i can't remember!

2. music. almost nothing can touch my soul like music can.

3. cats. i miss my cats back in the us, and miss the daily contact of a purry friend. i would love to someday belong to a russian blue.

4. taking pictures. i need a really nice camera!

5. you see, i don't see myself as a passionate person. i usually kind of keep things to myself. but sometimes i get angry about injustice. i wanna fix things!

6. i am not a political person, but sometimes politics makes me angry. there are so many politicians i wanna just shake sometimes. but...that would make news and i so don't wanna let the rest of the world see me like that.

7. this doesn't quite seem right, but my hobby...which is cross stitch. i just don't see myself as passionate when it comes to cross stitch, but i do love it, and i've really gotten into it again lately.

8. women's health issues, though i haven't seriously done anything about it lately, not even made a donation to PP. sheesh!

8 things i want to do before i die:

1. climb a mountain. any mountain. a fairly tall one.

2. sing on stage. with lots of people in the audience and lights flashing.

3. travel in europe.

4. visit australia.

5. dress as a geisha. i don't have any great love or curiosity about them, but i think it would be kind of fun to go to kyoto and do that dress up thing and put on a maiko's costume.

6. make a difference, something like habitat for humanity or green peace. i don't have many skills, but i have two hands and a healthy body!

7. speak japanese fluently. pretty important, if i stay here

8. go into space. highly improbable, but i can dream, can't i?

8 things i often say:

1. "i said no!"

2. "oh man!"

3. "come here!"

4. "fuck!"

5. "i love you."

6. "whatever"

7. "where's my purse? (keys, book, etc.)"

8. "i don't know where your ..... is. i don't wear/play with it."

8 books i’ve recently or am currently reading:

1. goodnight moon by margaret wise brown

2. dragonfly in amber by diana gabaldon

3. harry potter #7 by JK rowling

4. what to expect when you're expecting

5. what to expect, the first year

6. anne of green gables by LM montgomery

7. dragonsong by anne mccaffery

8. a breath of snow and ashes by diana gabaldon

8 songs i could listen to over and over:

1. "forever young" by alphaville (and i believe that officially makes me lame)

2. "if we hold on together" by diana ross

3. "the sun alwyas shines on tv" by aha

4. "dancing queen" by abba

5. "haru no uta" by spitz

6. almost any song by the beatles (i'm having trouble deciding!)

7. "o mio bambino cara"

8. "longer" by dan folgerberg

8 things that attract me to my best friends:

1. humor

2. honesty

3. loyalty

4. good food

5. similar tastes

6. differences that balance us

7. good communication

8. kindness

8 people i think should do crazy 8s

1. lily, because she hasn't posted for a while and i want to hear more about her.

2. DMB, because she's my new favorite (fabulous) read and i want more!

3. L., although i think she's really busy lately.

4. midori, though she's really busy, too. and i need to put her back on my blogroll, sorry about that M. check out her pretty template!

5. sarah, because i'm sure she could do this easily!!

6. nay, because she's pretending to be bored! ;)

7. mojavi, though she's probably done this one in the past. hopefully not recently!!

8. tigermama, because we haven't heard from her for a while (thanks for the card! tigerfamily is looking good!)

and a bonus tag for gina, because i think she loves memes!