sorry i haven't written much lately. i was very busy last week. baking mostly, and trying to keep the house in a decent state, so we could clean it on saturday. you can see what i baked on my other blog. otherwise i was kept busy with the kids, trying to keep the peace and not injuring themselves. sasha especially, she just loves climbing the furniture, no matter how many times she falls and hits her head. *sigh*

christmas was pretty low-key. yoshi's family came to dinner on sunday for turkey and everything else. thanksgiving was a big hit i guess. but #&%#$% yoshi invited his parents to stay the night even though i had expressed VERY CLEARLY that i didn't want them to stay. WTF is up with them staying here??? NEVER AGAIN is all i can say. it's not like they live that far away. and with tommy's sleeping habits and hiro's temper tantrums, well, let's just say i didn't want any MILs around.

we didn't receive many gifts, though my sister did send some lovely books for the kids. grandma and santa came through with a couple of things, but now i kind of feel it was a rather sad christmas around here. it's not like they need things, so why do i feel this way? well, anyway, i hope everyone is safe, happy and warm. happy holidays!