so, here's sasha doing her new favorite past time:

one last kiss, i promise!

seriously? i think tommy is getting sick of it! poor little baby, loved too much! doesn't hiro look cute here? the little rascal was jumping all over the couch even though he wasn't wearing any pants. not even a diaper. god, potty training is hard!!

last friday tommy and i had our one month (after leaving the hospital) check. we are both doing well. tommy's weight is up to 4500 grams. that's about ten pounds! he's so much more awake and aware. he still sleeps and eats a lot, though. here we are with dr. watanabe:

with dr. watanabe

that's the ultrasound equipment there behind my head. i'll kinda miss it! haha.

it has become quite cold here, so chili for dinner tonight. yum!