so, i feel really really fat and flabby. hardly surprising, but i really want to do something about it. actually, i wanted to do something about it a few weeks ago. too soon! but that doesn't make me feel better about it. and i'm so hungry all the time, and going to mr. donut is not a good idea. i've got a lot of cross stitch done, but the donuts are taking their toll! ha.

another thing that depresses me is my hair. it was so dark. on saturday i seriously felt bad about it, so on sunday i went to fukuoka city and got highlights! i really want to get it cut. but i thought it would be better to wait for it to start falling out before doing something dramatic. and by dramatic, i mean going to the salon and telling them to feel free. that is something i never do, i try to keep it one length, esp. one i can tie back into a ponytail. i don't think i'll go for a boy cut, but it just might be time for a change. the thing is, at my age, a change probably means i'll never go by to one length long hair. kinda scary!