my new phone

this here is my new cell phone. which i bought back in october. i've been meaning to blog about it. funny, since i blogged every day in november. ah well, anyway, isn't it pretty? i love blue. yoshi looked at this picture and commented on how cool the table is. that's our new oak table. pretty.

so, my new little phone is awesome. i didn't get it to be awesome. my old phone was broken. honest! the 0 didn't work anymore. that's a problem when every phone number starts with 0. i could make calls if they were already in my directory, but otherwise, it was just a broken phone. with a camera. yoshi had recently bought a phone that was also a tv, so i thought i'd get one too.

of course, since he just got his phone, there weren't many points or offers i could use. damn. so, i couldn't get the same phone he got (too expensive) so i got one i thought was pretty. and had a nice camera.

watchin' TV

here is the TV! the phone is one of those cool ones where you can turn it around 180 degrees and fold it again. neeto-cheeto, i like to say. that's what's going on here. awesome how it just sits there, dontcha think?

my new phone sitting

so, here's my little phone from which i blog. i like it. and it's cute, too, with mickey mouse. because that's what life in japan is all about: cute.