sorry for the keitai posts lately. but hey, they include pictures. so, that's something, right? i'm actually kinda toying with the idea of taking a self-portrait every day. i think that's 365 on flickr. the keitai pics are kinda bad quality though. but i'm not trying to be a pro or something. anyway...

it seems like yoshi's been home for. ever. he had friday off and even though he went to work for a few minutes today, he's had so much time off! that is a good thing, except he wasn't feeling well today and slept for three hours this afternoon. not helpful. sasha would NOT take a nap so i finally had to put her and tommy in the car and drive around until she fell asleep. which only took five minutes but hey, time away from noisy kids is time away from noisy kids! and hiro is so noisy. hiro and sasha together is almost unbearable!

we are trying to keep track of our money this year. mainly, this is my problem. i bought some software for my DS that keeps track of household finances. in japan, you can get a book called a kakebou diary that helps you keep track of your money. you write down what you spend and what you earn. i tried to keep one a couple of years ago, but like most anything, i couldn't keep up with it after a few months. it got annoying keeping track of receipts--and the book--that i eventually just 'forgot' about it. this DS 'game' is cute and kind of interactive, though it's all in japanese so it's more interesting to yoshi than me. but, it's something that we can both do at different times, just pick it up, turn it on and then input the data. it will automatically do certain things (that are programed into it) like the mortgage payment, so that's convenient. i hope i can keep with it this year. and, it should be doable forever, so we don't have to buy a book every year.

we had nabe today for lunch and dinner. it was great. i'll try to post about it over on my cooking blog. that's all for today!