we are having a terrible day here at chez illahee, so let's talk about being fat (so i won't complain about my new house. because that would be ungrateful). oh! and before i forget, check out the new dilbert widget on the right. feel free to get one for yourself, and spread the word.

so, adding on to my post from a few days ago, there certainly are fat japanese people. more than there were twenty years ago, i am sure. and the pop culture here makes it tough on girls and young women, just like back in the states. lucky (or maybe, unlucky) for them, their genes are still working in their favor, appearance wise, but i think that many are on their way to a very unhealthy life (if they aren't there already.)

many japanese girls are worried about gaining weight. they try to diet. they skip meals. i have seen (fluffy) news reports about high school girls who don't eat anything but snack bread all day. that is, just one donut or danish they got at the conbini. i don't think many take up exercise (and let's face it, if you're a japanese school girl, when do you have time?? unless a girl picks a sport for their club activity, i don't think they get much exercise. and once she graduates from junior high or high school? forget it.) japanese women (the stay at home mom/wife or working woman, not so many school-aged girls) do try the latest exercise craze. last year it was billy's boot camp. very very popular. do they keep up with the program? i have no idea. i have no japanese women friends my age, or even slightly younger or older. i imagine it's probably not much different than back home.

there are many reasons (i'm sure) why japanese women look pretty and fit. one i am pretty sure about is supportive underwear. yeah, many japanese women and girls (high school, college maybe?) wear 'granny pants' or the equivalent. not that there's anything wrong with that. i have heard a few guys grumble about false advertising but hey, no one's perfect! and if a girl wants to wear underpants that lift her bottom and flattens her tummy, good for her. too bad we can't just go out looking the way we do, but that's how society is these days. *sigh*

please keep in mind these are my observations, i don't know for sure about everyone. young girls may get comments from their peers, but i doubt many girls or women get as many comments as i have (as i mentioned in the previous post). i haven't done a study or interviewed people, so do take everything i've mentioned in this post with a grain of salt.