when hiro was two months old (ha!), we bought his next car seat. one of those that last for years, from age 1 until 7 (or so). first it restrains, then when the child is big enough, it helps guide a shoulder belt, and then, again when the child is big enough, it's a booster seat. yoshi wanted to get the cheaper one, one that looked a bit complicated and not very safe. i wanted the harness one, the one with the five point harness. well, yoshi won out and we got the not-so-good seat.

when hiro was about two, maybe two and a half, he was big and strong enough to wiggle out, while still being small enough to wiggle out. what a pain that was! finally, just before he turned 3, he figured out how to unhook the seat belt. an even bigger pain! he should be heavier than he is, i think by 3 he should be using the seat as a guide for the seatbelt, not as a restraint system. but he is so skinny! argh!

so when we got the next seat for sasha, i insisted that we get the five point harness kind. with lovely restraining shoulder harnesses. well. guess who can get out of her car seat now. yep, my darling little sasha. no matter how tight i make it, she can get out. i swear she must be dislocating her shoulder (and then putting it back in) to get out! what is up with these kids? legally, i think hiro doesn't have to be in a car seat, but i'm sorry, i'm not letting a three-year-old loose in a car while i'm driving. he's actually pretty good at staying seated these days, but now that sasha has figured out how to escape, hiro has been getting out, too.

where's my raise, i've been waiting for days now!