yesterday i had plans to meet a fellow blogger. i got the kids fed, dressed and in the car before ten. woo hoo! we hit the road and drove to kita-q and arrived at the mall at a decent hour, mainly because traffic was great. sasha and tommy were asleep when i got there, so i snagged my favorite parking spot, got a few things at toys r us, a lot of things from kaldi coffee and then went back to the car. the babies were still asleep so i took hiro to get his haircut. he was surprisingly co-operative (i think the reeces pieces helped a lot) and it went quickly. back to the car to find sasha awake, but tommy asleep. everyone out of the car and off to the baby room to change diapers and feed tommy, and then we met up with kuri.

it is so nice to be able to sit down and talk to someone, especially in your native language, even if you are juggling kids and fending off appreciative baa-chans. ;) i think we both had a good time, especially with our 'genki' kids.

we hung out for a few hours, and then, sadly, we had to go our separate ways. almost as soon as we got in the car and drove off, hiro and sasha dropped off, but tommy was hungry. i stopped at a 7-11 and nursed tommy, and then headed home again, singing beatles songs. almost as soon as i drove into the driveway, yoshi called. he actually finished work at a decent time (before 6 pm) and wanted to go to karaoke. good thing the kids were still in their car seats! i grabbed a discount postcard (yesterday was the last day it was valid) and off we went. yoshi didn't want to eat at the karaoke because of what happened the last time, so we went to the kaiten sushi restaurant nearby. the kids scarfed down their sushi, i had karaage (something i'm not fond of, but can eat before sushi) and then we headed off to karaoke.

because of our discount, we had to sing for two hours. that was fun, but the kids were pretty much ready to go when we still had twenty minutes left. hiro kept opening the door so i think anyone in the entire building heard us singing! good thing we sing well. ;)

no baths because we had three very tired children. tommy slept more last night, but sasha coughed a lot. then, this morning she woke up crying for me, found me in the living room and snuggled up next to me, and we all (except yoshi) slept in this morning.

next will may be the week from hell, because yoshi has two business trips, one from monday until thursday, friday home (but he has to go to the city office for house tax things) and then another saturday until the following monday. he better give me a lot of money!