on tuesday night/wednesday morning, sasha's cold seem to come back. she kept waking up in the night coughing and insisting i hold her. problem was, i was holding tommy. and when i needed to nurse tommy, poor sasha cried. needless to say, i didn't get much sleep. we didn't do much yesterday, but i did manage to make myself two hamburgers for lunch. i gave the kids pre-made food for dinner and i didn't have any myself, so there weren't many dishes to wash. good thing, too, because sasha needed me so much at night-night time that i gave in to the inevitable and fell asleep. good thing, too, that i put up those videos yesterday, so i got my post in for the day.

today we went to mr. donut and thank goodness we were the only customers, because hiro and sasha ran around like savages while i tried to do my cross stitch and have a cup of coffee! geez.

yoshi's due home tonight.