i suddenly realized this morning that it has been a very long time since i've written any thing down. i mean, put pen to paper. the last time was on tuesday, when i wrote down a couple of addresses on a package i sent off to the US. the time before that? i cannot remember. this surprises and saddens me. i used to write all the time. of course for school, but i also had many pen pals, as many as fifteen at one time, with whom i would exchange letters with. now, not so much. that is mostly my fault, i haven't been all that great at returning e-mails, let alone letters, these past few years.

i know that our lives have changed so much, so quickly in the past few years, but i wonder if i don't write much because i live in japan. maybe if i were working i'd be writing. and i wasted so much time during class in high school perfecting my handwriting. *sigh*