i hate dogs. i know i'm probably polarizing some of my regular readers, but there it is. now, i don't mean that i'd go so far as to kick a dog, or purposely try to hit a dog with my car or something, but i have always been a cat person and never really liked dogs. top three things i hate about dogs: 1) being licked by a dog. absolutely loathe that!! 2) the smell. ugh, dogs stink!! and 3) poop. cats (for the most part) are awesome because they'll use a litter box and these days that's not so difficult/smelly to clean up. but dogs...you will never see me owning a dog, walking that dog and picking up poop. no way jose. seriously. i know that one should never say never, but i know that we will never have a dog.

so why bring this up now? because potty training is the hardest job a parent will ever do. others have said it and i believe it. hiro is being stubborn. and i'm getting angry. he knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it. but, he just doesn't want to. and the poop stinks. this sucks. sasha is going to start early and i hope hope hope, because she's a girl, and because she's second-born, it's going to be easier than hiro. wishing. praying.

and after all that i'm going through, i am never getting a dog.