my little tommy is growing up so fast, so today's list is about what i love about babies! my babies, that is.

5) resemblance. it's fun to try to see who the little nipper looks like. when hiro was born, i really thought he looked like my brother when he was an infant. when sasha was born, she looked just like hiro did. and when tommy was born...well, i thought he looked a bit like my FIL, but then he quickly grew and started looking like medea's son! ha! but all three have my nose. aawww.

4) soft soft skin. i didn't know how soft a baby was--all over. i was actually shocked to feel hiro's infant hand and how soft it was. it still is.

3) smile. maybe it's gas, maybe not, but a baby's smile is a wonderful thing. add milk and it can make me happy for hours.

2) nursing. i love nursing my babies. it is a wonderful quiet time just for the two of us, no matter what is going on around us. i have to be honest, though, and admit that i was really ready to be done when hiro weaned, but i was so sad and disappointed when sasha weaned. *sigh*

1) love. my baby loves me, he really does. tommy is always snuggling into me, wanting to be held while sleeping. he gets his nourishment from me, and i know he feels happy and safe when i am around. *sigh* oh, i love my babies!