today was tommy's four month check provided by the city. one of those 'cattle call' checks where every four month old baby in the city goes to to be measured and weighed. this morning, however, little tommy threw up twice, big icky pukes. he had a slight temperature, and yoshi wrote down (on the paper provided by the city) that info, and added that he (yoshi) had the flu. well, they didn't let tommy get measured. we had to leave. i was a bit disappointed because i wanted to find out how much he weighed. ah well.

but i'm more disappointed in myself. i am lonely, i have no friends in town. i have a lot of trouble being friendly with japanese women, i have met very few with whom i get on with. i brought a book with me, and while waiting for tommy's name to be called (and before we were 'rejected'), a lady came up and wanted to look at tommy (he was in his stroller which i had covered with a towel. it was rainy today, and if he had the flu, i didn't really want to spread it to other babies.) i let her peek, and then she started talking to me: what country are you from? oh, my husband is being transfered to the US. where are you from in the US? do you know san diego?

forgive me, but i really didn't want to talk to her. this person could have been my friend, or i could have had a potential student who wanted a couple of lessons before moving to the states (she spoke only japanese to me), but i just didn't encourage the conversation. what is wrong with me?

ok, even though that last question is rhetorical, i will give a couple of answers: one, i'm a bit depressed. just some baby blues, not full-on PPD, but it makes me tired and not want to talk to strangers. and two, i am really tired, and i think it has to do with yoshi having the flu and me having to deal with everyone ALL. THE. TIME. amazingly, yoshi does not have the 'man flu' but even so, i cannot rely on him so much. he was feeling well enough today to watch hiro and sasha so i could take tommy to the check, but he DOES have the flu so he doesn't have that much energy to take the kids for several hours. *sigh* i really really hope I don't catch the flu, and i hope tommy feels better tomorrow.