yesterday, on my 'day off', i wanted to go around to the blogs on my bloglines list, but i just didn't get to it! :(

NaBloPoMo is going monthly, and mrs. kennedy has themes. this month's theme is lists. i'm gonna try it. i'm not sure how many lists i have in me, and i was thinking of skipping it on the weekends, but the first of the month is a saturday! so, for today, i am starting with my five favorite blogs. (please don't think that if your blog is not on this list, that i don't like it!)

in no particular order:

1) crazy thoughts i 'found' this blog through midori. chelle is a lovely woman with a beautiful family. and she knits! i'm jealous!

2) scribbit michelle once left a comment on my blog and i've loved hers ever since. she blogs every day, she doesn't need nablopomo or blog 365! cool!

3) uppercase woman cecily is a writer, and a damn fine one! funny, passionate and a mom! very cool blog.

4) mausi mausi lives in germany, and has awesome recipes. she's canadian and funny, i just love me canadian women! haha.

5) smile smile mom kori was one featured on blogging baby (now parent dish) and i love reading her blog! she is japanese and spent a couple of years in the us, and as a way to keep up her english, she writes smile smile.