i am not a list person, i don't make lists. mainly because i lose them. not very helpful. or, i forget to put things on the list, making it useless. ah well.

suddenly, sasha and tommy have outgrown their clothes. not so surprising in sasha's case, since she is now 18 months old. but tommy is only 4 months! i got a lot of clothes for sasha last week, as usual she now has more clothes than she needs. then again, when the weather warms up i'm sure she'll be outside getting dirty. and tommy has a lot of clothes from hiro. however, they are more suitable for warmer weather so i'm not sure what i'm going to do. it's only the beginning of march!

nothing really new in hiro's corner. still not potty-trained. *sigh*

and yoshi? he has the flu. great. poor guy.