dear sasha,

well, what a day. i am sorry that i gave you juice, which made you pee and fill your diaper. then, later, when you had a poo (while we were grocery shopping) and maxed out your diaper, i'm sorry that i made you wait until i finished shopping. *sigh* you are too young to be embarrassed by your sagging tights, but i was. after purchase, we rushed to the baby changing area, with tommy in the stroller and hiro in the "car" shopping cart. when we got to the baby room, i took off your tights and diaper, but then i realized i didn't have any wipes. i was frantically searching in the net under the stroller when i heard you say, 'pee-pee.' and turned to see you peeing all over the changing station. OMG. poor sasha. i took you down and put you on the floor, told you to stay with hiro and rushed out into AEON and bought wipes and a pair of socks for you. i also told the clerks about the mess while apologizing. rushed back to find you and hiro running around the changing room, your poopy diaper making a smell and a very germ-phobic acting woman changing her infant. (poor first-time mother. she must have been horrified). *sigh* but, we got you changed up, the sanitation woman came and we apologized and then we hit the road. i promise to never let that happen again.