dear mom,

in the stroller together

as i told you, the stroller arrived today. after a frustrating struggle in the genkan with it, i finally got it assembled. then hiro kept begging to go for a walk. yoshi went to the library with tommy (i fed him just before they left) and i went for a walk with hiro and sasha. it was awesome! thanks very much, this is a terrific stroller. a little heavy, but it wasn't too hard to figure out. i just hope it fits in the gaia.

on our walk we spotted some cherry blossoms.


and some 'fish' called 'koinobori' in japanese. this was attached to a house on the balcony. our lots aren't really big enough for the big poles these wind sock-type flags are usually flown from. good idea, really, but i doubt we'll be getting any.


the family at this house were having a BBQ, the parents and grandparents of the little boy for whom the fish are being flown. he must be a baby because he wasn't at the party! lol (probably sleeping in the house). the wind was a bit chilly for a BBQ, but it sure did smell yummy.

well, gotta go. i hope your weekend is going well.