monday morning we woke up early enough. it was a rough night, one girl got sick twice in the night. i'm not sure why, maybe running around a lot the night before, maybe eating too much, but it was hard on her mom! i woke up starving, i had nursed tommy several times during the night, plus i had run around up and down stairs and in between buildings the day before. victoria shares a house with her parents-in-law, they live on the ground floor, and victoria and her husband and kids live on the second. there's a metal flight of stairs outside the house which gets slippery when wet. it rained really hard on sunday night.

so, in the morning there was a yoga session after breakfast, which i joined. yoshi was in charge of watching hiro and sasha. afterward those of us who participated in yoga had some tea, and i nursed tommy. suddenly, another mom came running in to tell me that sasha had fallen down the outside stairs, and her nose was bleeding. i asked if sasha was dead, and if yoshi was with her. no she wasn't, and yes he was. i felt like there wasn't anything i could do at that moment and finished nursing tommy. then i found yoshi and sasha in victoria's living room, sasha sniffling and yoshi with blood on his jacket. she really was ok, just a bit bruised and bloody. i checked her out, gave her cuddles, then i had her walk a bit. she seemed ok, but yoshi thought we should take her to the hospital.

since it was a holiday, we had to wait a long time in the hospital. the doctor on duty thought she was fine, but wanted to do a cat scan to be sure. it was noisy and scary for sasha, but yoshi and i could be there for her and it only took a few seconds. sasha was perfectly fine.

four families left that afternoon, not at the same time, and our smaller group enjoyed an onsen trip and more yakiniku and chicken for dinner. i also made a delicious guacamole, there was so much yummy food! i forgot to mention yesterday that i brought a huge bag of marshmallows, a box of graham crackers and two huge bars of chocolate. on sunday night i was busy putting my children to bed when everyone made s'mores, which were apparently a big hit. on monday night we roasted marshmallows, always a yummy treat.

we soon went to bed with the knowledge that there was to be a service at six in the morning, and we would be sending the husbands.