early tuesday morning, tommy woke up to be fed. then yoshi's alarm went off. after nursing, tommy was awake, so i asked yoshi to take him. at six, the bell was rung at the temple, and yoshi went off for the service. i went back to sleep!

a while later, i thought that yoshi brought tommy back and started to change his diaper. it wasn't yoshi, though, it was victoria! ha! horrible person that i am, i just let her get on with changing the baby. she couldn't find any clothes though (it was a huge blow-out!!) so when i realized it was her i got up and got some clothes (unfortunately i had run out, so he had to wear sunday's clothes again. good thing they weren't dirty!)

after breakfast, there was a lot of cleaning up to do. one other family was there with us, and they left just before lunch. victoria's husband and sons had kendo practice, sasha was extremely sleepy but wouldn't sleep, so she and yoshi went for a drive, and hiro played with victoria's daughter. finally we had a bit of time to relax! then it was time to prepare lunch, eat lunch and then get all our stuff together (which nearly always ends up from one end of the compound to the other!) and we left in the early afternoon. luckily, the traffic wasn't too bad, so we got to munakata at around 7 in the evening. a fun weekend!


at a resting place on the way to miyazaki
so cute!

hiro posing
take my picture

after a blessing
tommy and junsho-san

sitting in the garden on tuesday
cute baby face

tommy with victoria's eldest
sitting with reo