yoshi had to work this morning, and was gone longer than expected. *sigh* i put tommy to bed at 12, and hiro and sasha had 'quiet time' not too long after that. yoshi came home when sasha was almost asleep. thankfully, neither she nor hiro insisted on getting up. i got some me time--totally kid free!--and went out for a while. when i got back, they were just setting out for a walk. i have the hosue to myself, and i should really start picking things up (the sewing box and box of fabric i've already started need to go upstairs, for example.) i guess my BIL and his family are coming over tomorrow, too. his crazy (IMNSHO) company transferred him to chiba in april, but then sent him back here to work for a few months. he's staying in a hotel, and his wife and daughter are staying with her parents. weird!! anyway...

mom was complaining about a lack of pictures, so here is one or two. i have a few more on my camera (which was found last night), and i want to take a video of tommy 'crawling' before he goes off to college next week. ;)

picnic baby

let's play