it wasn't until this morning that i realized that today was friday the thirteenth. not that i think it's an unlucky day, just one of those things that i used to worry about when i was younger. let me tell you, today is so beautiful. the weather is nice, the kids are asleep...well, tommy isn't, but he doesn't run around screaming. he just scoots around putting things in his mouth. hmmm, better clean. you would hardly know it is rainy season!

speaking of which, i made umeshu yesterday. i wasn't going to, since i still have so much from the batch that i made four (five??) years ago, but i have been drinking quite a bit lately, and it's better if it's aged for at least a year. so, i was wavering over making it until i saw amy's post yesterday, and decided that yes, i will make umeshu. i can hardly wait!! (please check out amy's blog and post, she's done a gorgeous job about making umeshu that i can hardly do better! i used white liquor instead of brandy, though.)

that's about it for today, i'm afraid. i've misplaced my camera, so i have to do some tidying. also, yoshi's parents are coming on sunday, so we gotta clean up!!