today the kids and i went to the pediatrician for tommy's seven month check. everything's normal, he's a healthy baby boy! 8.005 kilos (i think his growth is starting to slow a bit) and 66.7 cm tall. bigger than sasha and hiro were at that age, though. i've had some problems cleaning behind one of his ears (how does that happen?) and it's a bit sore for him, so the doctor gave us some ointment for it.

he also got his second DPT shot. poor baby. on wednesday he seemed quite willing to be held by others, but today was very clingy and cried whenever i walked away! stranger anxiety in one day? or maybe he remembered the last time we were there and he got a shot. if it's stranger anxiety, *sigh*, because it is so nice to be able to hand off the baby to someone to do something else.