i am so tired. ready to fall asleep tired. i wanted to write about the bag i got from blooming in nihon. i wanted to write about receiving my sewing box and finally using the sewing machine i bought last month. i wanted to write about yesterday, when yosi and i FINALLY organized the storage room. or today, we went to meitomu and i got mad. but i'm so tired.

i have to lie down with sasha and hiro for them to be able to go to sleep. i've been awake since 5 and i didn't get any naps today, so lying down with them puts my body in sleep mode. i need to go to bed, i can't complete the book i'm sewing, or even shave my legs (which are in dire need.) i think there are even some typos in here that i may not have caught. but oh well, i am typing with my eyes closed and i can't be bothered to edit tonight.

yeah, i think it's time for me to hit the hay. i will try my best to write about my new bag and sewing machine tomorrow morning, so it will be done!

good night.