today i went to coin laundry because it was raining. it had been raining since yesterday morning, and the load of laundry i had done from the night before was mouldering away. i hate to hang things up in my house, i think it's tacky. just me, i'm sure, but i can't help it. so, i spend the money making sure my clothes and towels are truly dry.

since they had spent more than 24 hours in the washing machine, i got a couple of scented bounce dryer sheets to help mask any musty smells. i actually grabbed three or more (oops) and although i only ran them for thirty minutes (i only had 300 yen) they were very dry--and very smelly. a lovely clean smell that reminds me of home.

yoshi doesn't like smells, especially those he calls detergent smells. for the most part i use unscented or lightly scented liquid detergents, and hanging the clothes outside takes away almost any scent added by dreft. and i do have a box of unscented bounce dryer sheets, but i just wanted to make sure the clothes smelled nice for a change.

folding up the clothes in the coin laundry this morning reminded me of taking clothes fresh from the dryer when i was a child. i do miss this smell. but i hope none of yoshi's clothes were in that load.