a couple of months ago, yoshi 'won' some tickets to a baseball game through work. tonight was the night, but wouldn't you know that about two weeks ago, he was assigned to go off on an over-night business trip (to shimane) today and tomorrow. i guess he was able to work it out that he could go late this evening, and planned to go to the game (with us) for an hour or so. there was no way i could handle having the kids and try to wrangle them home, so we left the same time yoshi did--during the third inning. the hawks were kicking ass, though, beating the lions 9 to 1, so up to that point it had been an exciting game. but still...having box seats at a baseball game is awesome. i especially love the air-conditioned room with the plasma TV playing the game. lol well, we had fun, anyway.

and the room wasn't 'wasted', there were three other co-workers and their families there, enjoying the game.

p.s. 800th post!