pregnancy really made me feel cold, because this year it seems really really hot! i have had the air conditioner on since eight this morning! crazy! both hiro and sasha have diaper rashes. hiro because he didn't change his diaper--at all--the other day, until it was bath time in the evening. yes, he has totally regressed in potty training. *sob* sasha because she had an icky poo and didn't tell me (and it wasn't as smelly as usual, weird) so that messed up her tender bum. poor kids. my solution: hiro goes pant-less unless we go out, and sasha gets her diaper changed every hour. *that* means cloth for sasha. finally, my 'cloth in the summer' plan can be executed! and heck, if sasha's in cloth, then tommy might as well be, too. just need to get some more covers.