hiro is definitely in a stage. a BAD stage, a three-year-old stage. it sucks. lots of screaming and melt downs. i have to put him in time out a lot, or calm him down. sasha is a bit of a follower, too, so if i ask them to pick up toys, hiro says no, then sasha says no. *sigh*

hiro and sasha are continuously under foot in the kitchen--literally. they lie in the floor. i nearly stepped on them four times while trying to make breakfast. my kitchen is tiny *mustn't bitch about house* and i got so mad at them! so, big tantrum from hiro. i told him that if he calmed down, didn't shout or have another fit, we would go to the toy store and get a kitchen for him and sasha. sadly for him, he fought with sasha, screamed a lot and hit her, so we didn't get the kitchen today. from time to time i heard, 'go to toy store and get hiro kitchen.', but i had to remind him that we couldn't go, because he had a fit after we talked about not having a fit. i don't know if i'm doing the right thing, but it feels like rewarding bad behavior if i go ahead and get the kitchen after all the screaming and hitting he did today. *sigh*

we have no juice or milk now, because i couldn't get them to get dressed, so i guess we're down to tea and water only tomorrow. i think it's gonna get rough.