this morning tommy started crying at 4 am. i guess that means me. *sigh* i am sleeping downstairs recently because these days hiro and/or sasha get up, come upstairs and get in bed with me. which is fine, except they sleep so close to me and there's no room for me. at least on the futon i can easily move them over. but if i sleep with them downstairs, they don't wake up and everyone gets a good night's sleep.

except...i was sleeping upstairs just in case tommy ever cried at night. which he rarely did, but just in case...and so, this morning, he cried. i took him to the bed, where yoshi was sleeping (and didn't hear tommy crying, i might add) and nursed him. when he was almost asleep, and not drinking, i took him off the breast. but that did not please prince tommy and he got mad. and awake. *sigh* so, i decided to go to the coin laundry to dry the stuff that was in the washing machine for two days. hey, at 4 am, it's less likely to be busy!

except...i couldn't find the keys to the gaia, where the car seats were. i searched and searched. meanwhile, prince tommy started crying harder and harder. this is actually unusual because he loves his daddy and usually prefers him to me (little traitor!) i couldn't find yoshi's spare key, either, and so everyone was getting frustrated (except hiro and sasha who thankfully slept through the whole ordeal). i finally remembered that i put the damn keys in my purse when i paid for pizza the night before, so i got prince tommy and the laundry in the car and off we went.

except...tommy pretty much cried in the car the whole time we were in it. i was hoping the driving would put him to sleep. instead, he crawled all around the coin laundry. oh well, at least we were the only ones there.

he did fall asleep on the drive home. which is good, i guess, except it was starting to get light outside. i took everything and one into the house and started to surf the net, but then hiro and sasha woke up. *sigh*

i did go to munakata shrine this morning and got pictures of the flowers in the chrysanthemum festival. pretty flowers. and we did go to an onsen this evening, very relaxing. but now i am dead tired and ready for bed!