this morning was pretty tough...

let's back track: i haven't written about this because it probably belongs in the TMI file, but here goes...when my period started up again this past summer, it was kinda weird. rather uncomfortable in my midsection (and i'm not talking about cramps, though i had those, too.) it seemed to get worse each month, so last month i went to the doctor to get checked out. in japan you nearly always get an ultrasound, even for a normal pap smear (the lovingly nick-named 'vagi-cam'). how many of you ladies in japan have received a 'photo' of your insides? lol anyway, i had an exam and everything looked ok. i even had a pregnancy test (though i can't imagine why i needed one, since my period had started the day before and as a woman who has experienced three pregnancies, i think i know whether i'm pregnant or not! ha!) and was definitely not expecting any bundles of joy. the doctor couldn't see anything wrong and just thought it was normal menstruation pains. fun. he did give me some strong pain medication, which i gladly took!

this month's period has come much too early (gah!) and this morning it struck me with a blinding headache and nausea like you wouldn't believe. since starting this summer, i have had nausea with my period, let me tell you it sucks. *sigh* it was so bad today, though, that i actually threw up. which didn't make my head feel any better. and, i couldn't find the pain meds that the doctor gave me last month! i had to organize hiro's stuff, get everyone freshly diped and dressed, then out the door for the bus. luckily i timed it just right so that the bus arrived just as we did. phew! then back home where sasha and tommy whined, cried and screamed their way through the morning. ow ow ow! i had meant to keep tommy awake so that he would nap in the afternoon (when sasha naps) but i finally had to put him in bed just to reduce the noise! popped in a video for sasha and i SEARCHED for that medicine. luckily i found it, took some and then lay down until the video finished. then tommy woke up, i took another pill and then we went out for lunch. the medicine is working, and i am happy about that, but i'm getting worried. each month shouldn't be worse than the last, right?

i know this is delving into personal information, and i hope i haven't grossed anyone out, but the reason i bring it up is because i'm glad i'm not pregnant. i know i've been kidding around a bit here and there about having another, and a small part of me would like to have another baby, but for the most part yoshi and i are done. this period thing sucks, though. *sigh* but i am reminded of what it was like to go through pregnancy. i was lucky to have 'easy' pregnancies, but it still wasn't a picnic. i do miss that newborn stage, though. it passes by so quickly!!