so, today was the big day! last night yoshi and i labeled and organized all of hiro's things (though of course, we missed something!) this morning i prepared the bento, got all of hiro's things together, got him dressed, put sasha and tommy in the double stroller and went to the 'bus stop'.

hiro's first day of school
(in front of our house)

there we met the other boy in our neighborhood who goes to the same kindergarten. he is older (not in hiro's class, i mean). the bus showed up, we said good morning to the teacher and hiro got on the bus. no one cried.

...but sasha whined because she wanted to get on the bus! the plan was i would go for a walk (for exercise) after hiro gets on the bus in the morning, but i admit the whining drove me crazy! so, after a ten minute walk, i put tommy in bed (who promptly fell asleep) and tried to get sasha to sleep (didn't work).

the other plan for today was i would take hiro's bento in the morning (before lunch) to see how he was doing and if he wanted to come home. tommy slept and slept and we didn't leave the house until after 11:30! i didn't know what time lunch was, but i was hoping it wasn't before noon! on the way there, sasha fell asleep (sheesh) when i got to the school, hiro was outside the classroom with his teacher. the other students were at their desks with their lunches. hiro was happy to see me, but he didn't grab me, and he didn't cry. the teacher and i got him to sit down with his classmates, they sang a song (the sudden burst of noise scared hiro and tommy!) and he ate his bento. he didn't want me to leave, but i was able to go without any trouble.

in the afternoon i was a bit late for the bus (but then, the bus was earlier than the scheduled time) but the other boy's mother was there (the 'bus stop' is in front of their house) and i don't think they were there for long....the teacher on the bus said that hiro didn't cry all day. good!

in the end, i sent him to school in a diaper, because i thought he would be too shy to ask to go to the bathroom. at lunch i asked the teacher and she said he said 'pi pi' (peepee) and she knew what that meant (yoshi and i told them when we paid for enrollment) but he didn't actually pee when in the toilet! i think he did go in his diaper, but he also didn't let them change his diaper.

sasha's impromptu nap in the car meant that she didn't nap at home. that kinda sucked. she also really missed hiro. poor sasha! hopefully tommy will be able to play with her more and more. she also REALLY wants to ride the bus! poor sasha!

hiro's uniform:

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