i know, i shouldn't brag about stuff, but...what the heck! it's my blog!

for hiro's preschool, he needed chopsticks and case. when we bought his bento we couldn't find matching chopsticks, and hiro tends to use forks and spoons anyway, but after we got the list of things, i thought i'd look for chopsticks again. luckily i found matching (to the bento) chopsticks, but no case. i did see these cloth ones, though, and thought i'd make something with the scrap of fabric i had left over from the bento bag.

simple really, a square of fabric folded (then sewn) into a triangle, then two points folded in and sewn to make pockets. a string is sewn on when making the triangle, put a bead on the string, tie a knot and there you go! chopsticks holder.

these pictures were taken last night, just before i ironed on a name patch. too cute!!