i know that i've lived through every day we've had so far (even that extra one in february), but at this end of the year, it seems to have passed by so quickly. some of it probably seems like a blur because i was rather depressed for a fair bit of it. *sigh* nothing serious, just some baby blues, but it was rather hard on me and in turn i was probably hard on loved ones and friends. i apologize to those i have offended this year.

even though christmas is coming soon, i feel charlie brownish and don't feel very festive today. i hope that will change, but the weather is cold, and frequently rainy, and bloggy friends are preparing (or have already left) for visiting 'home'. obviously, we won't be going to the US this year. and probably not next. how depressing. i have a good, happy life here in japan, don't get me wrong, but i miss my home, family and cats.

i am still feeling a bit out because i still would like to have a baby, but that's just not going to happen (well, never say never, but we're not trying, or to say, we're trying not...lol) and i think i might be grieving that a bit. i have what i want, what i need, but one more ickle baby would be nice, don't you think?

ah well, get over it already illahee. thirty days left for blog 365. i'm on a roll!