hand warmer

so, this is the fingerless glove, or hand warmer, that i made yesterday. i am having the hardest time getting the other one finished, i think i started and re-started that darn thing five times! i'm almost to the thumb opening, though, so i should be done by tonight, or tomorrow. cool, my hands get so cold!

i had a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea of a thumb-hole, i just couldn't get how it worked. i just told myself to go ahead and start knitting and the answer would reveal itself to me. and so it did. very interesting! the pattern is from last-minute knitted gifts and although this is the only project i've done, AND it was a lot of work getting the proper needles for it, i LOVE this book so far. it's great!

i finally have a picture of the blanket i crocheted. i've been weaving in loose ends, and since the blanket is over six feet long, that's a lot of weaving! lol but, here you are:

ripple blanket

ripple close-up

well, this is probably my last post for november. yay, another nablopomo completed!! yipee!

now, only 31 days left in blog 365!