goodness, it's still cold. is it always this cold at the end of march? i can't remember. i should check out my blog archives....anyway today we didn't do very much. i did go out to AEON to pick up my new foot (for my sewing machine) so now i need to practice, and then maybe quilt! gah! (i am actually looking forward to this, though i know i will need a lot of practice!)

the kids were less than stellar at AEON and kept running off, so instead of getting some bread and tea, i took them home. there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but that's the way it is. sorry to be a mean mommy. then it was time for sasha to take a nap, and hiro and tommy played outside. when sasha got up tommy insisted on a nap so he went to bed and sasha played outside with hiro. just your basic, everyday day. *sigh* yoshi will be home late tonight. only a few more days of that, i hope.