yoshi had to work saturday and sunday. what fun. the weather was so-so, not rainy but still quite cold. ugh. kuri had asked me to come over on saturday for some AFWJ stuff, and then go out for dinner on a girl's night out with friends. so, yoshi got home just after four and then i went to kita-q. i was late but it didn't really matter in the end. we met up with our friends and tried to find a place to have dinner. i had a great time on saturday night, but ended up getting home at 3:30 sunday morning. oh yeah. yoshi left the house before seven, but the kids slept in (for a change). sasha got up at 7:30, so i got up and we had a shower and started the day. yoshi got home rather early and i got sasha down for a nap and then it was free time for me! sadly, yoshi had another neighborhood meeting so i had to be back in time to make (and serve) dinner before he had to go. the kids were pretty good this weekend (thank goodness) but i'm still pretty tired.

which brings us to today, in which sasha has thrown up three time. fun stuff. i'm ready for a vacation!