well, the cherry trees are blooming, so it must be spring, but damn it's cold. *shivers* and the rain (yeah, usual spring weather) OMG the rain. we were stuck in the house all day tuesday and wednesday (and what the heck did i do on monday? i already blogged about that, right??) so yesterday i finally took the kids to kita-q just to get out of the house. ugh.

one great thing, though, last night hiro and sasha helped me tidy up the living and dining rooms last night. it was awesome, how clean it was in here! LOL usually it's a total wreck and i intend to clean up after the kidlets fall asleep, but i'm usually zapped and i just fall asleep, too. yoshi would tidy up the living room after he got home from work, but recently he's been so busy and getting home so late that it's really been neglected. hiro and sasha are all for helping out, but only if i am doing it, too, but usually i'm wrassling with all three of them with bathing, brushing and preparing for bed. and then emotions are high and i just want them to go to bed already! lol it would be best to tidy up before eating dinner except then i'm usually preparing dinner and as i said, the kids won't do much on their own. but they were so proud and happy last night when we made the place sparkling, and i'm hoping they'll be willing to help tidy up tonight (which should be any minute now, i need to finish this up! LOL)

today was lovely as far as sunny weather goes, but oh so cold. not snowing cold (thank goodness), but much colder than usual. i guess we're easing into spring. so today we went to the gap to get sasha's third dress (the one that had to be repaired) and then we went to the big park (it's such a lovely park! lots of slides and jungle gyms!) so the kids got lots of exercise and not much sleep, so i think that we'll do a quick tidy and then go to bed!

yoshi is supposed to work both saturday and sunday, i hope the weather stays nice so we can get out again!