so, i finally got some pictures. the weather was nice sunny-wise, but it's pretty cold here, still. but, i think it will be warm later this week. i hope so, because i want to pack up tommy's winter clothes and give them away!

today was the first day sasha got to ride the bus. she was pretty excited about it until the very last second, when the bus turned onto our street (the bus stops in front of our house!) then she grabbed my hand and said she didn't want to go 'by self.' poor baby. but she got right on the bus with no fuss. there were two teachers this morning (usually there's only one) and hiro got on the bus without fighting! i was quite impressed, actually. ok, on to the pictures!

pretty sasha


third year student
(usually hiro doesn't like to have his picture taken, but he insisted after i took their picture together.)

here comes the bus!

on the bus
(hiro's first and second year teacher. sasha is sitting next to hiro.)

getting off the bus
(hiro's teacher this year. this is the kids getting home.)

(so ready to be home!)

so, let's see what happens tomorrow!