...i haven't blogged in a long time. sorry about that. just don't have anything to say. oh, and i was steamrolled by shark week (not even a visit from aunt flo, ya'll, a true hell i went through last week) and have been feeling less than stellar since then. throw in a 'japan fucking sucks' moment and yeah, i got nothin'. not even a report on how japan sucks.

it's golden week here (finally) so i won't be around much. and hopefully i can shake this headache that i've had for over a week. *sigh* what a pathetic post this is. but i just didn't want to leave it hanging with that t.

everyone else is doing well. the kids had slight colds last week, but other than that they're good. yoshi is adjusting to a new office (he was transferred but is still working in the city). spring is still nowhere to be found and i am getting impatient!

i hope everyone is doing better than me!