i'm still not really in a blogging mood. i feel really down, actually. i hate to use the word depressed, i think this is an overused word, especially since i've never been diagnosed or anything. i just don't feel right. sad, easily angered, snitty about insignificant shit. just ugh.

and i really don't know what to do to get out of it.

i should exercise more. i know this and yet, meh.

i should eat better (that is, tasty fruits and veggies) but, meh. bring on the chocolate.

i wish there was someone i could talk to but after the last time i was burned by a 'friend', i just don't want to take that chance again. i wish i could have some counseling, or some therapy. something to help find out what's wrong, if it's something that can be fixed or just something to wait out. ah well, off to miyazaki tomorrow. lots of G&Ts and some bubbly might make me smile. even if i'm not the one drinking. ha!