so, sasha was up pretty early this morning. she then wanted a jelly sandwich for breakfast, which i had to refuse because we have no bread. so then she wanted toast. uh, sorry kid, NO BREAD. so then we had to witness a sasha tantrum (which really wasn't so bad at all, nothing compared to the one she threw at kuri's house at easter.) eventually i tempted her with some apple, and then she wanted oatmeal (and we are now out of 'hot water oatmeal', that is instant quaker oatmeal, so we may have more tantrums in the future.) when hiro came down for breakfast he also wanted a jelly sandwich. *sigh* luckily he didn't tantrum, he just settled for oatmeal right away. phew.

then sasha got her uniform on right away. then she wanted to go to school! sadly, tommy was still sleeping and hiro was in pajamas. i had to take the kids to school today because they were having a meeting for the parents, mostly to go over the school's policy and rules and whatever, and then each class met to choose PTA (or something similar) members, and volunteers for events over the year. it was pretty boring, but i made it through. tommy was such a pain that even though he started out with me, i took him to the area where the students were being entertained so the mothers could get their meetings done. many of the first year students cried the whole time, poor little mites.

finally we were released and sasha was sad she didn't get to ride the bus. i also meant to get some photos but that didn't happen, either. tomorrow is supposed to be fine, so hopefully i'll get pictures of sasha in her (LARGE!) uniform.