on saturday we went to the school for sasha's entrance ceremony. hiro even got to be a part of it! sasha was extra-excited. even though she didn't really talk to anyone or play with her classmates, she did jump around and made lots of noise! this is extraordinary because even though she's really noisy, she usually just does that when no one is looking! before the ceremony, and after we found out what class she was in, the teacher came up to sasha to say hi. i told sasha this is her new teacher, say hi....and sasha just leaned into her and climbed into her lap! of course she didn't say anything, but she gave her teacher a hug. i am really happy about that. i think that she did that because all the teachers say hi to her and even try to hug and pick her up (whenever we visited the school for hiro).

so, i thought she'd be starting today, but it turns out they get a day off because they went to school on saturday. bummer. i think hiro has to go, though, even though he had to sit through the ceremony (next to his new teacher!) and go on stage to welcome the new students. ah well, one kid out of my hair today and two tomorrow. except...tomorrow is the big meeting to hash out what parent will do what during the year. oh boy. :(

after the ceremony we went home to change, and get out stuff together because we were going to miyazaki for the night. it is rather far so i have to admit i was a bit disappointed to find that plans had changed. but i still enjoyed visiting friends and even going to the onsen with the kids. we got home rather late yesterday (but it was still a bit light outside!) and everyone was tired. i think we went to bed rather early and now sasha and hiro are awake with me. time for another day!

sorry, no photos. i had to be a part of the ceremony with sasha, who was as attached to me as always!