i have been delaying posting because i have pictures of sasha in her summer uniform. however, i can not get them to upload to the computer because of storage issues. *sigh* anyway, i wanted to share a story from miyazaki. on the first day we were there, i found a tiny bird on the steps of victoria's house. i told victoria's husband, and then the children took over the care of this 'baby'. they did fairly well the first two days, but by the third day...well, maybe the kids learned a lesson. anyway, the second morning hiro, sasha and i we up pretty early and we went up to victoria's house. sasha and i went upstairs, but hiro, perhaps afraid of the dog, stayed outside. i guess he also wanted to see the baby bird. victoria was in her kitchen and sasha and i joined her for a cup of tea (and a cup of milk). after a while, hiro came upstairs from inside the house. the downstairs is victoria's in-laws' house and we usually try to avoid going there (to keep their privacy, i suppose), so i was a bit shocked he came up there. it turns out it he was invited inside by victoria's MIL, however. she saw him in the garden and invited him to see the baby bird. then she invited him to the kitchen to have a drink (i think) when she pointed out a fly to him. she turned around to get something to smack the fly when hiro shot out his hand and caught it! apparently baachan was so amazed by this feat and told this story to different people throughout the day. guess hiro is a little superman! LOL or perhaps the karate kid?