again, i have neglected this blog. i was all ready to write on sunday when i came down with a cold. happy mother's day? anyway, i had to tell you what i found when i got home on saturday after 'me' time. i left the kids with yoshi and had a light snack at joyfull and read a book. then i went to a couple of stores to get stuff for a BBQ. when i got home, i saw yoshi and sasha at the neighbor at the end of the street's house and waved. at the house, hiro was lying on the front steps. i asked him what was wrong, but he just kinda waved at me. then i opened the front door and tommy was asleep on the genkan floor! the dirty part, not the house part! i know this makes me a Bad Mommy, but i thought it was rather funny. then next thing i knew, hiro was asleep on the front steps! hahaha. i put tommy upstairs in my bed, and then yoshi was there bringing in hiro and put him on the couch. apparently they went to the park where they played hard and were quite tired out. hm.

BBQ for dinner was quite nice so we decided to do it again the next day, and invite yoshi's parents over. sunday morning i got up early and after my new facebook thingy, i tidied up, got recycling together and noticed the sore throat and sniffy nose were getting worse. great. but i went to recycling with hiro, then we went to the meat shop and then off to the mall (for kaldi coffee). my cold was definitely worse so i got some cold medicine and then had to fight the crowd in front of B&R just to get into kaldi. it was free ice cream day at B&R and the line was really long. luckily hiro didn't notice and i wasn't in the mood for ice cream because we didn't have time to wait. then we raced back home to try to get there before yoshi's parents.

i had to light up the grill, then i made a potato salad, then i cooked the meat and vegetables and did someone say it was mother's day? hm. everything was great, though, and the potato salad was especially appreciated. yoshi's mother cleared the table but clean up was basically all up to me and oh yeah, so tired because of the cold medicine. hm.

after five i had to go out and get the dry cleaning so i didn't have a beer with lunch (but i wouldn't have anyway because of my cold) and i had a nice half hour or so to myself. i was quickly losing my taste, and wasn't hungry, so i didn't have a little mother's day sundae or anything like that. *sigh* when i got home yoshi's parents had left and then it was the old bath-brush-bed routine.

yesterday i was still feeling quite unwell so i was quite happy to pack the kids off to school and spend a nice quiet morning with tommy. after the kids got home hiro was in a bad bad mood and actually screamed at me until he fell asleep. i'm not entirely sure, but i think he actually nodded off mid-scream. little stinker.

today i made a carrot cake which is simply wonderful, but my coffee chatter didn't come and we have a lot left over. hm.

well, that was pretty much my weekend. hope everyone had better one than me!