the weather was just beautiful today. mostly sunny, not too hot, not at all humid. lovely late spring day. about damn time, i say. it's been so cold. yes, cold. so much that i have been turning on the heater in the morning. in kyushu. in may. it's madness! the one week forecast is optimistic, though, with sun (or at the very least, no rain) every day. woo-hoo!

we are just getting along, enjoying the weekend and staying home. it's nice. all of the kids had naps today (yay!) and the recycling got done. we had planned a BBQ for dinner, but yoshi had a meeting/dinner to go to, so we postponed until tomorrow.

nothing much more to add. i think sasha is enjoying school, she even has a best friend. hiro is doing so well getting on the bus, no more crying, screaming and clinging to the door of the bus. less than a year and he'll be a first grader!

hope you're having a great weekend, too.